Traditional Marriage

Perhaps you’re looking for the wedding you’ve seen on the big screen and dreamed of since you were young? The music starts, the doors open and the bride in the white dress enters, drawing every eye in the room. Her groom turns at the end of the aisle to stare at his life partner and she has eyes only for him. All the trimmings are taken care of, the placecards laid, the flowers arranged, and in a moment of magic they each utter ‘I do’ and begin a new lifetime together.

Modern Australian wedding traditions are now emerging outside of a religious context. Instead, the focus turns toward the stories present at each ceremony. The stories of childhood, of two families coming together and above all else, the unique love story of the couple. What stories do you share with your partner that deserve to be written and celebrated surrounded by love? As your celebrant, it is my great joy to write the memories and stories that comprise your life into every element of your ceremony.

If you’d like to learn more about my traditional marriage celebrancy services, please reach out and share your love story with me.

Same-Sex Marriage

Love does not discriminate. As a long time ally of the LGBTQ community, I am so thrilled that love has won in the recent legislation change regarding same sex marriage!

After many years of fighting to be acknowledged, I understand the significance of this day for same-sex couples. How spectacular to be able to declare your everlasting love in the eyes of the law, and in the loving surrounds of all those present. As marriage equality triumphs in our lucky country, the last thing I want to do is trivialise your love; only to celebrate it and play a small role in your wider love story.

Your commitment to each other deserves to be celebrated and recognised the same as anyone else's. But your story is unique. Make that distinction and consider how your ceremony will reflect your relationship and what you value. Maybe you dream of the big traditional wedding with frills and fluff? Or, would you’d like to tie the knot at night? Perhaps in costume? Or with your toes in the sand? Whatever your wishes may be, I’m excited to share in celebrating your love story.

If you’d like to learn more about my same-sex marriage celebrancy services, please reach out and share your love story with me.