“In true love the smallest distance is too great and the greatest distance can be bridged”

- Hans Nouwens

What a joy it is to create marriage ceremonies that celebrate the very essence of a relationship, while involving family and friends to share with couples that are ‘loved up’! It truly is an honour to be a celebrant - I still get goose bumps at every ceremony.

Warm, engaging and welcoming with a touch of humour, I want to make your day as formal or informal, casual and light-hearted, or serious, as you would like. From a discreet elopement, a barefoot beach ceremony, a wedding with an alternate vibe, a traditional wedding ceremony, or anything in between - I’ll work with you to create your dream ceremony in every way. The sky’s the limit when you’re making memories for your special day.

Let’s talk and find the perfect fit for you!

“Love Wins!”

I love working with people who are in love. I’m thrilled that 2018 marks the year that marriage equality has finally been recognised in Australia! If you’re a same-sex couple looking to celebrate and declare your love, I’d be honoured to hear from you.

I believe that being a marriage celebrant means so much more than just completing legal paperwork on time. Weddings can be expensive and stressful for those that are trying to organise everything, but they don’t have to be! I understand that it’s your day to shine, celebrate and enjoy. It is my great privilege to stand alongside a couple, whoever they are and whatever love they hold in their hearts, to help them to plan their own special ceremony, share their love story, and to join them on the happiest day of their life.


  • Michele
    Meredith is a confident and competent public speaker and is able to build up an immediate rapport with people from very different backgrounds. She has an outstanding ability to think of the right thing to say in any social or professional situation. Meredith is able to perform marriage ceremonies with appropriate formality, but at the same time incorporates her relaxed sense of fun to create a delightful memory for all those involved.
  • Nicci and Michael
    Meredith helped to make our wedding ceremony special and meaningful including ways to personalise our vows, include our families and ideas for readings and rituals. She is warm and friendly and a pleasure to work with
    Nicci and Michael
  • Emily and Nichloas
    Meredith was a pleasure to work with at every step of the ceremony planning process. She was always prompt in responding to any queries we had, and she offered us many of practical, helpful suggestions along the way. She was respectful, cheerful and dealt extremely well with our families in the planning process. We were also very happy with the way in which Meredith conducted the ceremony and went out of her way to make sure that everything ran smoothly. We would highly recommend Meredith as a wedding celebrant.
    Emily and Nichloas
  • Alex and Dave
    Thank you for making our day so special yesterday Meredith! It was perfect xxxx
    Alex and Dave
  • Stacy and Ben
    Meredith really helped us to plan and develop our ceremony. She gave a lot of time and thought in guiding us through crafting our own special vows and helped us to create a special sand ritual to blend our Aussie and French cultures
    Stacy and Ben